Key features for ERTC 2018

Technology Trend Setters Panel

The ability to harness new technologies is the differentiator between successful and unsuccessful refiners and producers, especially true for Europe’s players.

Technology is the gateway to captured valued, higher efficiency, boosted margins, and leaner, smarter operations.

At this November’s ERTC we gather the best technology pioneers to address the best in pioneering technologies during our Technology Trend Setters Panel.

  • John Gugel, President and CEO, Honeywell UOP
  • Jean Sentenac, Chairman/CEO, Axens SA
  • Daniel Moore, President, ExxonMobil Catalysts and Licensing LLC
  • Andy Gosse, President, Shell Catalysts and Technology Licensing

Leaving you poised for action and growth John, Jean, Daniel and Andy will discuss the technology trends high on the industry’s agenda including:

  • How to maximise middle distillates through the latest configuration and conversion technologies
  • The latest integration and new routes to olefins offerings to allow you to expand your petrochemical production capacity and transform naphtha and diesel into more valuable products
  • Clear pathways to co-processing and alternative fuel production
  • Digitalisation as the direct enabler of enhanced productivity and competitiveness
  • Keys to profitability, sustainability and compliance through the latest in catalyst advancements

BP’s Energy Outlook – Your opportunity to step back from the here and now

Due to popular demand, and in response to our delegates’ feedback, we bring you an industry renowned energy outlook.

  • Head of Refining Analysis, Richard de Caux brings us BP’s Energy Outlook in the context of the downstream industry.

Providing an opportunity to step back from the here and now, Richard will offer short, medium and long term lessons and insights about where energy is heading over the next few decades, including:

  • The share of vehicle kilometres powered by electricity increases
  • China and India account for half of the growth in global energy demand
  • Demand for oil and other liquid fuels grows over much of the Outlook

Total La Mède Refinery: A forward-looking facility

The ability to produce biofuels and the security of renewable feedstock is likely to play a crucial role in the survival of EU refineries amongst upcoming EU environmental legislation.

As one of Europe’s largest biorefineries comes into operation this summer, Total’s Project Director of La Mède Refinery Francis Parmentier headlines our day two plenary providing exclusive insight on the first world-class facility of its type in France.

Beyond Francis’ session, this year’s agenda includes additional insights and content on biofuel advances, co-processing and alternative fuel production from Concawe, UniPetrol, Eni & FCA Group.

The most co-presentations from refineries and producers to date!

We continue to encourage co-presented case studies that demonstrate the practical application and benefits of technologies in action.

Year on year this November’s agenda features more, with 7 technical co-presented case studies giving you a clearer understanding of how a technology can be successfully applied in your refinery or plant, as well as the experiences of your peers who have used these technologies.

  • Total Antwerp OPTARA Project – Revamping of an ARDS Unit into a Mild Hydrocracking Unit

Axens & Total

  • New Fuel Formulations for Sustainable Mobility

ENI & FCA Group

  • Dynamic Optimisation Moves into the Mainstream

AspenTech & CEPSA

  • A Different Approach to Refinery Technical Service

InSite Technical Services & North Atlantic Refining Limited

  • Optimized Heavy Fuel Oil Production Through Asphaltenes Stability Control, Blending and Additives – The IMO2020 Perspective


  • Overcoming Problems with a Pellet Style SCR DeNOx Unit in an SMR Furnace

Umicore Denmark, ApS & Chevron

  • Implementation of Aspen Mtell to improve Plant Availability at SARAS Refinery

SARAS & AspenTech

  • Heide Refinery – Path of Continuous Improvement

UOP & Heide Refinery

  • Optimising the Value Chain: Key Insights for a Value-adding Solvent Deasphalting (SDA) Residue Gasification Scheme

Shell Global Solutions International B.V. & Shell Pernis Refinery

Lots of French flare

We have an impressive line-up of Total speakers including Christophe Vuillez, SVP, Strategy, Development & Research, Jean Viallefont, Vice President, Polymers Europe, Thierry Adolphe, Digital Officer, Industry,  and Francis Parmentier, Project Director, La Mède Refinery.

A global speaker panel

S-Oil’s CEO Othman Al-Ghamdi provides an international perspective on how they are capitalising on growing petrochemical demand locally in Asia and internationally.

Environmental outlook

With the refining industry all too often being blamed for the environmental damage it causes, we’ve brought in activist lawyers ClientEarth to offer an alternative perspective for the downstream industry.

The Big Debate

As Electric Vehicles continue to be a topic of discussion for the foreseeable future, refiners are keeping a watchful eye on developments in the automotive sector, but the potential impact on fuel requirements is still far from clear.

Furthermore, there are compelling arguments to suggest that the effective modernisation of the Internal Combustion Engine, or the development of alternative gasoline-based engines, may render EVs less competitive than previously forecast.

At this year’s ERTC through our new interactive BIG DEBATE you have the chance to get involved and share your views on the motion “This House believes that there is No Future for the Internal Combustion Engine”

Making compelling arguments for we welcome;

Tom Voge, Policy Analyst, OECD
Anders Wall, CIO, GreenMobility

…..and arguing against Tom and Anders, we have;

John Cooper, Director General, Concawe
Tammy Klein, Consultant, Future Fuel Strategies

Will your view change following our two team’s statements and discussion arguments?

Happiness Hub workshops

NEW for 2018, ERTC delegates can benefit from attending one of our Happiness Hub Workshops.

The interactive workshops are designed to support your professional development, as well as offer you some light relief to break up ERTC’s wealth of industry and technical content.

Taking place alongside the main event on the 28th and 29th November and limited to just 25 delegates per session you have the opportunity to sign up for either;

1) Shifting Perspective and Developing Mindset of the Modern Leader

This session will explore how perspectives can enhance our ability to lead, inspire, motivate and engage.

How perspective impacts our communication and how most of our success is determined by our mindset

2) Maximising Focus to Enhance Success and Productivity

This module looks at the impact of our lack of focus and how to leverage mindfulness, to increase our attention and enhance our relationships, productivity and accuracy

Why is Happiness Important?

Happiness and positivity offers organisations the ability to empower their human assets, creating a culture built on employee engagement and providing a unique competitive advantage.

While the meaning of ‘Happiness’ can often seem intangible, its absence never is. Being unhappy at work has negative effects including reduced health, increased absenteeism, greater mistakes, poorer decision making and strained relationships. Conversely, being happy at work not only counters these, it also offers demonstrable business benefits. Research has shown that having an engaged, optimistic and positive mind can increase productivity by 31%, sales by 37% and creativity by 40%.

Fiona Barron, CEO and Founder of the Happiness Hub will be leading the sessions. A true advocate of the power of happiness, Fiona is dedicated to creating a platform of optimism, wellbeing and happiness which has the ability to make a global change.

Taking the Pulse

This fully interactive session will see you vote in a series of polls addressing today’s hottest topics! Experts from Equinor, MOL, Grupa Lotos will be on hand for quick-fire comments on the results of your views.