NEW for 2018, ERTC delegates can benefit from attending one of our Happiness Hub Workshops taking place alongside the main event on the 28th and 29th November.

Limited to just 25 delegates per session you have the opportunity to sign up for either;

Shifting perspective and developing mindset of the modern leader

Our leadership perspective module, explores how individual mindset impacts our ability to become the best possible leader. By leveraging principles of positive psychology we provide new solutions to the most common challenges facing todays leaders. Demonstrating that positive leadership is not just a morally sound approach, but it is one of the most important factors impacting the bottom line. Our evidence-based courses are grounded in the fact the positive leaders are better at driving change, empowering innovation, developing a competitive advantage, building loyalty and motivating and inspiring teams.

We will explore how your perspective as a leader can impact not only everything you do, but the overall performance, behavior and response of those you lead. By adjusting your perspective towards positivity and optimism, you will become more resilient, better at building relationships, engagement, creativity and identifying opportunities.

  • Presenting the business case for positive leadership
  • Understanding fixed and growth mindset in leadership
  • Developing positive habits to encourage lasting change
  • Exploring the impact of perspective on communication
  • Identifying proven strategies to develop a more positive growth mindset

Maximising focus to enhance success and productivity

The impact of our lack of focus and how to leverage mindfulness, to increase our attention and enhance our relationships, productivity and accuracy.

This module explores the challenges professional face in relation to their ability to focus on the task at hand. Having a team that is focused is beneficial across the entire business. It increases their ability to concetrate completely on the customer, personal goals and the most effective solution.

  • Exploring the advantages of being fully present with every customer
  • Mastering concentration by disciplining your mind to focus
  • Developing a priority check list to stay on track and manage distractions
  • Using mindfulness to enhance relatipnships, communication and effectiveness
  • Mitigating the myth of multitasking and improving focus through prioritization, discipline and mindfulness

Fiona Barron, CEO and Founder of the Happiness Hub will be leading the sessions

Fiona is the driving force of The Happiness Hub.

A true advocate of the power of happiness, Fiona is dedicated to creating a platform of optimism, wellbeing and happiness which has the ability to make a global change. The Hub is founded on that principle. With over 8 years of regional event experience under her belt, Fiona has been directly responsible for the validation, research and creation of over 250 conferences and events. She has committed herself to applying her combined passion for cultivating happiness in others, her broad corporate experience and a Masters in Clinical Psychology to develop a community of individuals empowered to realise their own happiness!


  • BSc Psychology and Marketing, Keele University
  • MSc Clinical Psychology, UAE University
  • Mindfulness Based Stressed Reduction, Bangor University
  • Positive Psychology: Martin E. P. Seligman’s Visionary Science, University of Pennsylvania (ongoing)
  • The Science of Happiness, Online Course, The Greater Good Science Center


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