QPinch Whitepaper

Boost your plant efficiency and your EBITDA with the breakthrough innovation

Oil & Chemical industries have massive amounts of waste heat. In essence, the main reason why this residual heat is released into the environment – directly or through cooling – is that its temperature is too low to be of any use.

This now-lost energy reservoir holds a large potential for gas savings in steam production in your plants – if only you could tap into it…

Given the steam prices in Western Europe, which are likely to rise further with increasing fuel prices and regulatory taxes, the only reason why waste heat recovery is not happening is because of technical limitations or because there is no business case. Until now.

Our Chemical Heat Transformer is able to convert your low temperate waste heat into new process heat (e.g. steam) with virtually no Opex. Easy to implement on new and existing assets, and able to produce 100+ MW steam from your now-wasted heat, Qpinch brings cash savings that can have a double-digit impact on your EBITDA.