ERTC 4.0

What is ERTC 4.0?

From the organisers of ERTC, Europe’s largest downstream event, we bring you ERTC 4.0, the new event dedicated to understanding digitalization and all things IoT; from showcasing new technologies, addressing cyber security and plant automation, to understanding the new skills needed within the workforce to maximise the benefits that can be achieved from digitalization, ERTC 4.0 will address all the need to know topics.

Why now?

If we think of the plant of the future, we think of an automated proactive complex, operational by the touch of a finger. Today’s refiners and producers are faced with the challenge of transforming their refineries into modern digital plantsin order for them to achieve the results that weren’t possible or imaginable 10 years ago.

Taking place on 16th November, (Day 3 of ERTC in Athens, Greece), if you have a solution that will help refineries understand:

  • How to transform their refineries to modern digital plants
  • How digitalization can help predict challenges, resolve troubleshooting and save valuable time and money
  • Which tools are needed to help improve reliability, optimise operations and create value to the refinery operations
  • Which wireless technologies are needed and how to maximise their potential
  • The real meaning of IoT and how to include it within day to day operations
  • How people’s roles will change in the refinery with the age of digitalization

…then ERTC 4.0 is your platform to demonstrate this to the leaders of European refineries.

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